Ariana Zariah, BIC

Ariana Zariah, Founder and Broker in Charge of Namaste Realty, LLC, has been a real estate professional since 2008.  She began a local alternative healing practice and intuitive classes in 2012.  In 2017, she decided to merge her gifts of intuition, energy sensing, alternative healing, and feng shui with her successful real estate consultation firm. Taking a leap of faith, she offers a unique array of services that contribute to the healing & elevation of mind, body, spirit and home. 

Holistic Real Estate Services

Namaste Realty, LLC

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What is Namaste Realty ?

Ariana performing an alternative healing technique.

Namaste Realty, LLC is a Holistic real estate service company offering a wide array of unique holistic and integrative services for Mind, Body, Spirit, & Home.  Clients receive high quality, professional real estate services in addition to forward-minded services not found in conventional real estate firms.  Namaste Realty, LLC is the heart-based creation of its founder, Ariana Zariah. 

‚ÄčAriana Zariah,

Intuitive Realtor, BIC